Short Film

The Miracle of Resurrection


Project Info

A narrative short film I wrote, directed and edited, about two monks and their perilous journey into the unknown. It was shot over the course of a week in various locations in South Tyrol.

This one definitely can be filed away as a learning experience. As it turns out, directing can be pretty hard, especially if you're doing it in a language you're not 100% comfortable in. I mean, who could have foreseen that, right? I'm really happy with how the visuals turned out, especially considering our limited time, crew and equipment. And I'm incredibly grateful to our actors who put up with everything and did a fantastic job with what they were given. However, on the storytelling side, there's still a lot to improve, a lot of things I'd wish I had done differently, and I have no one to blame for that but myself. But the good news is that now I know a lot better. Promise!

It will be released sometime soon™, until then, please just enjoy the pretty pictures.



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