Swing By

3D Modeling, Game Design

01 About

In SwingBy, a mobile game named after a real space flight maneuver, the player places planets to manipulate gravity and steer his spaceship to it's destination. Whilst traveling the sea of stars, the player collects data about the planets he visits and the objects he finds.

02 Video

03 Process

The concept was created as a student project by a small team consisting of Linda Walch, Eva Bacher, Linda Botthof and myself. I was in charge on creating all the graphical elements like planets, satellites and spaceships, as well as the user interface and an animated prototype. Because of the high amount of depth and complexity that the setting allows we had to find an art style that made it possible to create a large amount of assets in a relatively short time and by a single person, so we settled on a low poly look. Our game concept won the "Golden Pineapple" award for the best project of the year, and now we're looking forward to trying to getting it produced and published.

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