Shard of Hope

3D Modeling, Rigging, Animation

01 About

This short animation tells the story of a boy struggling to survive in a dystopian future. The landscapes are barren and seem to be ravaged by war. Within this cold, grey and hostile world, where the sun has lost almost all of it’s power, the shimmer of light provided by the fire is the only remnant of hope thats left.

02 Video

03 Process

This was my first major animation project, which started out as an university assignment, but rapidly grew much larger. All the modeling, rigging and animation were done in Cinema 4D, with post production in Premiere Pro and After Effects. It is an experimental project, and by no means complete. The models and animation still needs a lot of polishing, and now I could probably do a lot better if I found time to revisit everything. However, as I put a lot of time into this already, I wanted to show the current state of the project anyways.

04 Screenshots