Short film

The Girl of Ravine Town

3D Artist

For my bachelor's thesis, I developed the concept for an animated fantasy short film. It's probably my favourite thing I created so far, although the process to get there was anything but smooth.

I mainly focused on world-building and character design. Everything was created from scratch, mainly using Cinema 4D, zBrush and Substance Painter.

I built a modular system that allowed me to create the fairly large, but still complex setting without having to painstakingly model and sculpt every single aspect of each building.

You now might be asking: Michael, these are nice pictures, but where's the movie? Well, excellent question. You see... As it turns out, It's kinda difficult to... you know how it is... things like that take a while, and... Give me a few months of free time, and I'll pick up and finish the damn thing, ok? Really, I promise! Just don't look at me like that, please, I can't handle the pressure!


3D Artist


Personal Project / Bachelor's Thesis



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