Raiffeisen Imagespot

Video, Advertising

01 About

The Raiffeisenbank of Fehring, Styria approached me and my freiend Maximilian Thum, asking us to provide a short image video that would go along their new campaign for modern online banking, "Raiffeisen Regional Digital". The main focus of the video lies on the positive impact the bank has on the local communities and companies, and how the new digital banking experience will make their lives even easier. We didn't want to feature any technical details, but rather just convey a positive feeling and emotions to the viewer.

02 Video

03 Process

Filming was completed within 4 long days of shooting, starting with sunrises and landscapes in the mornings, followed by interviews and various different scenes and locations in the afternoons. Due to time constraints and our small crew of only three people we filmed with DSLRs, a Sony A7RII and a Nikon D810.

04 Screenshots