Get Well Soon: Mantra



I directed and designed this music video for german artist Get Well Soon to complement the release of his new Single "Mantra", and the announcement of his new album "AMEN", to be released in March 2022.

With limited time and resources, but access to a high-speed camera, we decided to create an abstract piece with colourful and surreal visuals, picking up on the song's main theme: All those things you always wanted to do, but never did.

During photography, we collected lots of different shots of movements, jumps and backflips from a costumed athlete on a trampoline. My main priority there was for them to fit the story and progression we had planned for the video. Simultaneously, we needed to pay attention to many technical aspects that would make our life easier during editing.

In post production, we first created a rough assembly in Premiere, and then brought the sequences over into After Effects. First I keyed the footage, and then went through editing each shot individually, assembling the pieces, and creating patterns through movement, repetition and abstraction, which was definitely the most fun part of the process.





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