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How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Lead Graphics Artist


For the German Netflix Production “How to Sell Drugs Online Fast” I prepared and supervised on-set graphics, animations and apps that would be visible on the countless smartphones, laptops, PCs and other devices used during the show.

I also worked in post-production, where I created many different kinds of overlays, animation, motion graphics and VFX.

The vast majority of movies and shows will not have their actors actually use devices like phones or computers on set, and instead rely on green screens to be able to replace all contents freely in post production. However, due to the show's nature, telling the story of two teenage nerds building an online drug store, there's an unusually large amount of digital devices used. To ease workload in post production, we decided to prepare all contents in advance.

Our team used ProtoPie, a tool originally intended for app development, to recreate existing software and apps, as well as to design many new ones specifically for the show. These mockups would allow the actors to do whatever the script asked for at a given moment, no matter weather it was sending a text message or complex backend programming, whilst also simplifying things (for example, precise key presses weren't necessary, the correct text would appear regardless). They could also be controlled remotely, and easily be reset between takes.

Another positive side effect was that actors and director could actually see what was happening and what they were supposed to do, instead of staring at a blank screen all the time, helping them with the accuracy of their performances as well as decision-making.



Lead Graphics Artist
Screen Content Designer


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