granatapfel Photography


01 About

For our new design startup company called "granatapfel", which translates to pomegranate, we needed a number of image photos and textures. So we bought some pomegranates, and brought them, together with some stone tiles, water bottles, and sharp knives, to a studio. Me and my colleague Max Thum experimented with many different lighting setups and perspectives, as well as with macro lenses and some wider shots. And the result does look quite tasty.

02 Process

Photographing a pomegranate can create a way bigger mess than you might imagine, especially if you have such bright ideas as splattering them with a whole bottle of water, or dropping a pomegranate into a big pile of it's seeds. But the outcome made the cleaning work worth it. For the next time though, covering the floor in plastic wrap might be something to consider. When setting up the lighting, less turned out to be more. Initially we planned a fancy five-light setup, but as it turned out, just one light source and a improvised reflector out of tinfoil did a way better job.