Dolomitencup 2017

3D Modeling, Animation

01 About

The following is an intro-animation that was used for this year's Dolomitencup, an international hockey tournament that is held every august in Neumarkt, Italy. It was used in three versions with different length on the arena's video wall as well as in the live-stream and postgame-videos online.

02 Video

03 Process

The animation was created in Cinema 4D using cloners and displacement effectors, and rendered using the Arnold render engine. The UI effects, logos and depth of field effects were added in After Effects. Due to time constraints and the unavailability of a render farm due to the fact that there was no budget available at all, the quality of the final render is not quite ideal, and you can see some noise remaining in some shots. However since the main usage was inside the stadium and on the compressed live stream, this luckily did not pose much of a problem.

04 Screenshots